The next chapter of Environmentalism

Bog in Schleswig-Holstein

Dosenmoor, bog in Schleswig-Holstein
Nature and climate protection

Our environment is the basis of our life and we help to protect and preserve it. Our services and products help to implement and manage environmental protection projects and tasks. We respect and meet environmental protection standards to minimize pollution and destruction of the environment and to contribute to the preservation of our environment. In addition, we strive for carbon neutrality of our products and services to minimize harmful effects on the environment.

We develop powerful and innovative applications that integrate optimally into your organization and workflows. Our applications are used for IT administration, data acquisition in the field using mobile apps, and the analysis and evaluation of data for nature and climate protection. We have considerable expertise in the management and analysis of geodata. Our services range from a simple spatial representation of current or historical geodata to complex spatial analyses. On the one hand, the use of state-of-the-art web-based technology allows the use independent of place, time and the availability of local resources. On the other hand, it enables the extensibility with data and resource-intensive tasks, such as the AI-supported analysis of satellite and remote sensing data.
Geltinger Birk, Schleswig-Holstein
Scientific expertise

Due to decades of scientific research activities, we have unique expertise in the field of applied ecosystem research. Our focus is on climate protection through bog restoration, water pollution control and ecohydrology as well as nature conservation and biodiversity. We are well acquainted with all phases of project work, from conception and planning to implementation and success control through monitoring, quality control and data processing. We translate this scientifically based knowledge into concrete recommendations for action for those responsible for measures. The applications we develop also meet the highest scientific standards.
Images: The next chapter of Environmentalism: Bog in Schleswig-Holstein; Nature and climate protection: Dosenmoor, bog in Schleswig-Holstein; Scientific expertise: Geltinger Birk, Schleswig-Holstein