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Geltinger Birk, Schleswig-Holstein

You want to realize a nature or climate protection project and are faced with a mountain of tasks? Defining goals, drawing up project plans, writing project proposals, acquiring the necessary funds - even before the project is implemented, there is a lot to consider. The implementation of the project also needs to be well thought out, because the intervention in complex ecosystems is associated with risks and requires a holistic approach and extensive expertise. Even after successful completion of the project there is still a lot to do. Especially in the case of publicly financed projects, there is an obligation to provide the client with evidence of the implementation as well as an obligation to documentation and success control of the measures carried out.
From conception to digitalization and success control, we are at your side.

We bring together expertise, data and innovative applications and support you in the analysis and solution of complex challenges.
We accompany your project from the beginning. In addition to consulting regarding conception and planning, we support the project in the political discourse through publications, lectures and events. We give concrete recommendations for action based on the latest scientific findings. In particular, we accompany the monitoring of success from the creation of monitoring plans to the development of the corresponding IT systems, quality control of the collected data and the preparation of reports.
Nature conservation
Climate protection through mire protection
Water protection

Strategic and technical consulting for conception, planning, implementation and success control of measures.

Support and optimization of already implemented programs to ensure process, quality, budget control and reporting obligations.

Establishment and maintenance of networks and partners to jointly achieve the goals of projects.

Support of the strategic positioning of projects in political discourse through publications, lectures and events.

Derivation of management recommendations based on comprehensive ecosystem analyses.

Planning and application of cooperative research projects.

Cross-sector knowledge management using GIS and remote sensing data, merging historical and current data on web-based platforms and using artificial intelligence.

Consulting and support for digitization projects, development of customized web-based and mobile applications.
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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Schrautzer
Biodiversität, Moormanagement, Monitoring
Dr. rer. nat. Kirsten Rücker
Gewässerschutz, Ökohydrologie, Monitoring
Dr. rer. nat. Alwin Klick
Digitalisierung, Workflowanalyse, Produktentwicklung

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